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Tips and Hints for using your SewSlip sheet --
  • When the tacky silicone side gets full of lint, threads, and/or cat hair, hold it under a running faucet. The water will wash the mess away. Pat dry and you are good to go!

  • Keep your rotary cutter far away! The sheet is like fabric and will cut easily.

  • The SewSlip sheet can be used with your fusible projects and will withstand up to 500 degrees F. Your home iron only gets to around 350 degrees F, so it is safe to iron on it.

  • The SewSlip sheet makes a great palette for inks and paints. Easy clean up and no staining!

  • Save a paper towel core to store your sheet in when not in use. (Thanks, Betty, for your suggestion!)

Endorsements --
  • Betty Alofs, an award winning quilt artist and instructor for Quilt University says, "I just wanted to tell you I have tested your sew slip sheet and it is a dream! Doesn't move around at all, stays in place, and my quilt glides right along wherever I guide it."
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An example of machine quilting made easier using SewSlip --

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